About Snout & Crackling

Snout and Crackling peering through wooden fence

Snout (left) and Crackling (right)

Snout and Crackling are Kune Kune pigs. Kune Kune pigs are the smallest domesticated pigs in the world and they are intelligent, good natured and easy to train. “Kune Kune” means “fat and round” in Maori and the breed originally came from Asia. Kunes are hairy pigs and their coats become thick and lustrous in the winter and finer during the summer months. The other defining feature of Kunes are the tassels that they have under their chins, called “piri piris”.

Snout and Crackling are non-identical twins and were born in the summer of 2012. Both pigs are male castrates and are extremely friendly and relaxed around people and other animals. They are trained to circle and sit on command and also to walk on a lead. They live in  West London.

Both Snout and Crackling have had experience on set and they are exposed to wide variety of people of all ages on their regular walks around Ravenscourt Park in London. They have their own trailer and can travel up to four hours at any one time.