Crackling in eHarmony TV ad

Crackling spent a day filming the latest eharmony advert in Holborn Studios in London in front of a crew of fifty people and here is the result.

1,000 Londoners

A day in the life of Snout and Crackling in West London.

Snout in “Da Vinci’s Demons”

Snout was used for three day’s filming in “Da Vinci’s Demons”, which was filmed in Swansea.  Filming was done by firelight and there were explosions and a lot of noise on set, which Snout was untroubled by.  Snout was on a lead that was held by an actress for the first day’s filming and then was unrestrained for the two consecutive days on set.

Crackling in “I’m Spazticus”

Crackling was used for a day’s filming in the centre of Guildford, initially in the middle of the high street and then in a nearby park. Crackling was on a lead and had a tabard covering his harness.  He was surrounded by a lot of people during the filming in the high street and remained relaxed.

Just 1 Thing

Crackling also appeared in the pilot episode of ITV’s “Just 1 Thing” presented by Bradley Walsh. Crackling appeared alongside a transvestite, a female body builder, a ballet dancer and a rugby player. He was well behaved, even when sprayed liberally with a celebrity perfume and smelt by a contestant.